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Olivia Woodbury's Senior Will

I leave my senior will to the class of 2015, the incoming freshman. I'm giving the treasure of memories. To take pictures from the first day of high school to the day you graduate. Try to capture every single moment, the good times and the bad. So by the time you've graduated you'll have a time line from start to finish. Before your eyes you'll be able to see how you have grown and changed. You'll have the proof of how your life has transformed, how the school has changed and how all the familiar faces have grown older. You'll have those moments for the rest of you're life. They can remind you of a lesson learned or a precious moment you'll never want to let go. Capture everything and never forget.

Victoria Farmer’s will:

I’m leaving my Senior will to Harlan Van Buren. You gave me the most treasured gift I will ever have, and hopefully I’m leaving you the same one. Freshman year we were best friends – never apart, sharing personal experiences and standing by each other – but that year I was a horrible person. I took people for granted, mistreated them, had them go out of their way for me and never returned the courtesy, and treated you horribly. I took my anger at my family out on you and for that I apologize.

You stood by me regardless, and you’re one of the only people who’ve ever actually stood up for me against others – and at the time I didn’t deserve it. But at some point over the summer before Sophomore year you saw me for what I was and deemed me unworthy of your friendship. That is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

Because you left me, it shocked me into reality. I saw how I was and what I was doing and through that I was forced to grow up. I now treat people with a greater level of respect, I watch my words more and I’ve learned gratitude for what people do for me.

I regret losing you as a friend, but with it I was able to grow up. Thank you for being so level-headed at that time, and teaching me the greatest lesson of my life.

I hope it’s one you won’t soon forget

Tyler Freader

I want to leave one thing, a mindset. My mindset was never to quit. High school like the rest of life, will be a roller coaster of emotions. You will have classes you love and classes that make you feel sick when you enter them. Whatever the feeling, don’t quit. Quitting is the easy way out; it’s the way cowards deal with things. Unless the circumstances call for it quitting is not the way to go. Learn all you can in high school. Learn how to be a good person. Learn how to advance your own life and get ready for college. But above all never quit. In sports, classes, or in your very own beliefs, never quit.

Steven Ortiz

First and foremost, I pass down the "Ortiz" ways to David Ortiz, which includes:Good looks, personality, charm, skill in sports and in other things;), my secret stash, and all my love.


To  Freaky Freak A.K.A. Mariah Perkins, first of all thank you for everything, but I leave my "freak nasty" ways to you, even though there is not many.


And to the rest of my family/friends, although I may be gone, I will always be here for every single one of you. Whether it be, a shoulder to cry on or to have a good time.


I also leave a word of advice to the freshman, never build your life around one individual thing, but never regret what once made you smile.


And last but not least, I leave my school spirit to Coolidge High School.

April Hiscox Senior Will

I, April Hiscox, ‘Will’ my positive attitude, my skills & abilities, and my LOVE for cheer to the new 2011-12 cheerleaders. <3


I pass down my ‘Back-Kick’ to Mariah Perkins. <3


I leave my Strength & Back-Spotting Power to Kassie Palacios. <3


I give my crush on ‘Booty Dude’ to Emmily Canizales. <3


I want Stephanie Hudson to always remember the ‘Happy Leg’ & all the memories we have together. <3


I want all my underclassmen friends to keep any and all memories we shared and the love & friendships we have ALIVE. <3

Justin Rico Senior Will


My athletic abilities, friendliness, drive to go places, and my characteristics of being an outstanding student/athlete on and off the field and outside of school. I want to pass all of these down to my brother Chris. Make high school last and cherish every moment you have here at CHS. There will be tough times, but when it does, you need to reach deep down inside and tell yourself, “I can do this.” Have fun but stay out of trouble, play sports, and get good grades, because in the end it all pays off. High school can be the best 4 years of your life, if that’s what you make it become. Set an example for the class of 2015, and show everyone in the little town of Coolidge, what you can do. “I am who I am today, because the choices I made yesterday.” Love you bro. Have fun.

Amber Mattingly

In my Senior will I would like to leave some advice. The only thing you need to take serious is your classes. High school is a place to experience pretty much everything. When it comes down to it, the only important thing is graduating, and the gossip between classes will not help you get there. Another piece of advice is start saving for your senior year on your first day of high school because its freaking expensive.

Jeovonni Brown’s senior will

Don't get caught up in the hype. Haters are going to hate because they see you trying to do something for yourself.

Senior Will By: Miranda Felix

For my Senior Will I would like to leave all my great advice and smart ways to one of favorite junior classmates Kamarie Bresee aka Baby Dingo / Kaay! Even though I will only be call / text away, I want her to know that times may get rough but I know she can get through anything she needs to believe in herself even half of what I believe in her. She is such a very smart bright and beautiful girl I know inside and out. After knowing her for some time I know that she will become successful in everything she does in life.

I would leave all my awesome baked goods to one of my favorite sophomore to David aka Dee Ortiz because we share the liking of always eating and having food on our mind 24/7. Just because he is a wonderful good time to be around. I very much enjoy his company. I see him as being the life of a party. I would also like to leave Dee all my great comebacks and jokes therefore him being an extra funny guy!

Now for all of my teachers at CHS I would like to leave a little part of me. Not sure of what but maybe some of my laughter in a hope of it will make them laugh. To a very special teacher of mine Ms. Moore, I would like to leave her all my funny comments that made her laugh and her day special.

Senior Will: Brianna Rico

For my senior will I want to leave a note for Alex Felix: You are my best friend, my sister, and my blonde buddy haha! We’ve had lots of amazing memories in and out of school that I will never forget! You have always been there for Jacob and I, and we love you very much<3

I also want to tell the upcoming freshmen get ready! Your going to have lots of up’s and down’s during high school but stay strong. To Chris Rico your going to be a freshmen, I want to let you know I love you, and to have the time of your life because the four years will fly by so quickly. Do well in school, try your best and in four years you’ll graduate!

Senior Will: Edgar Ellis

I, Edgar Ellis, leave Seth Ellis my talent to dance, my social skills to others, and my humorous ways! But the most important thing I leave for Seth is my hot look! (; I also want to leave Seth my desire of Pepsi, my talent to sing and to be fun around.